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In recent years, a new approach for EEG monitoring in anesthesiology has been developed, making it possible for anesthesia care providers to easily read and recognize “EEG signatures” and dose-response patterns for most anesthetic drugs. This new approach has strong foundations in neuroscience, and is applicable to all patients, whether children, middle-aged, or elderly adults.

This course is composed of three modules, developed to introduce you to the basics of using EEG to recognize the altered states of arousal caused by commonly used anesthetic drugs. Each module is composed of a series of practice questions with immediate feedback. This feedback provides explanations to allow you to become familiar with a specific topic.

Upon completion of these practice questions, you will be presented with a posttest. You must score 80% on the test to view the feedback for these assessment questions. You can also download a “Certificate of Participation” for a module after having passed its posttest.

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